2 pieces (ASIA Zone Price) >> BANDEL String bracelet





Stimulate and extract more energy from the body when you’re wearing "Bandel"

You will feel the power of your body, balance, regeneration and concentration like you have never felt before.


 JAPAN TECHNOLOGE is ready to awaken your energy again with "BAN DEL".

Body Power                                    Motor Skill

        The power of balance                    Recovery Power
     The power of concentration         Concentration

Check your body's balance with “BAN DEL”.


 Special Promotion!!

Especially for Nine’s Fan Club. 

Only 1,090 baht from 1,790 baht
Special x2 !! >> buy 2 pieces only 1,990 baht
Shipping charge for ASIA zone 1,000 baht
Total = 2,990 baht (included shipping charge) 




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